Culture Does Matter

Culture does indeed matter. It contributes greatly to who we are because it incorporates the characteristic features of our everyday existence, especially during our formative years. We are raised in it, we develop in it, and our self-identity is greatly influenced by it.

Communication, Updates and Wishes

Soon our parish web page will be launched and I believe that all of us will be pleasantly surprised with how wonderful it will be. We have a team working on it. It will also give the parish office to keep everyone on a daily basis of the various events of our parish family.

Good News for Our Parish Community!

Our Deacon Ramón begins his ministry among us this week! We are grateful to God, the Diocese and to Deacon Ramón for this blessing. We welcome him with open arms and open hearts. We keep him in our prayers so that his ministry may be fruitful and long among us.

A Message To Our Fathers

Mothers received roses on Mothers’ Day, but what can the parish give to our fathers? We came up with a couple of ideas, but we arrived at them too late to get them for Fathers’ Day. So, we owe our fathers a little gift. Perhaps, you fathers are saying: “No, I don’t need anything.”

We March Forward Together to a Bright Future

This week we restart our regular Mass schedule. Everyone is invited to come to Mass every Sunday. The passes for Mass are no longer necessary and we will end the week A and week B schedule. We are also aware that our bishop continues to dispense us from our Sunday Mass obligation. I want to encourage everyone to continue to wear masks in church so we can safeguard a healthy environment.

I Bend the Knee Again!

Once in a while it is important not to discuss any one serious issue, but simply say “THANK YOU!”

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your kindness and generosity to our parish community especially during this pandemic. Thanks to all of you and all your efforts, we have been able to meet our financial responsibilities and even put money into savings.

I Am So You Can Be Too

Today is Good Shepherd Sunday. Everyone loves Jesus as the good shepherd. Of course, we do. All we have to do is hang around a nice green field and eat all day and not worry about anything, even about getting lost. The good shepherd will ultimately find us and carry us back to safety where we can pick up with the feeding in green pastures where we left off. Nice! Not a care in the world for those lucky sheep.


My dearest sisters and brothers of St. Julia,

I wish you the happiest of Easters! We all have been through much this past year. How we need to feel hope in our hearts! This is my prayer for you: that you feel hope in your hearts.

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