Life contains many blessings and the parish family of St. Julia is one of them. Welcome to the blessing that we enjoy. Here, we are at home. It is the home of our faith family where we find rest, joy and strength. You are welcome here and we welcome you just as you are so, that together, we may create a new “us” and deepen our commitment to God and to one another.

It is our desire and hope that you may experience peace and a genuine sense of family here at St. Julia. We are a family of believers in the message of Jesus Christ and we strive to share with one another the compassion and the hope of Jesus’ message for the world.

We are rich in cultures,
Rich in diversity,
Rich in talents,
Rich in our commitment to God,
Rich in our joy and in the way we care for one another.
We are rich in our generosity,
Rich in our openness and appreciation of everyone.
We are rich in our desire to mature in our faith.
We are rich with children and youth,
Rich in the collective wisdom of our adults
and the vitality of our young.
We, together, dare to create dreams and see visions.
We are who we are by the grace of God,
and for all our blessings, we are grateful.

All the above riches are lived within our poverty, humility, and all our wonderful imperfections. Our desire to be more compassionate, more humane, and to be “other Christs” for our world is lived in deep gratitude. We honor our humanity and our Christian faith.

Everyone is most welcome. Our doors and our hearts are open and we welcome everyone with deep love.

Peace and All Good.


Friar Julio and the Family of St. Julia

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