Good News for Our Parish Community!

Our Deacon Ramón begins his ministry among us this week! We are grateful to God, the Diocese and to Deacon Ramón for this blessing. We welcome him with open arms and open hearts. We keep him in our prayers so that his ministry may be fruitful and long among us.

I am also very happy to inform you that our Finance Council has approved and recommended to me to proceed immediately with a search to hire a part-time youth minister. I have also informed our Pastoral Council to send me, as soon as possible, their input on this matter.

Having a Youth Minister has been a goal of mine since my arrival and I am grateful that we can move forward. We will have to make a financial sacrifice. This means that we will pay a part-time salary and will put less in savings. However, this is a sacrifice worth making because our youth deserve it. Our youth need to feel that our parish community truly cares for them and that we will provide wonderful opportunities for them. So, please pray that our search for a youth minister will be successful and that the Lord will send us the right person for us.

The new Youth Minister will be responsible to develop and implement separate programs for our youth in middle school ages and for high school youth. I will also direct the Youth Minister to develop a ministry for Young adults (18 years old and older). The Youth Minister will not be expected to lead the Young Adult group, but to organize it and bring in the resources that will train some young adults to assume leadership roles within the group. I envision a comprehensive and wholistic approach to youth ministry that will help our youth grow in their faith, grow in their love for God and their parish community, develop a desire to be more involved in their parish community and local community, mature as human beings, create a supportive community among themselves, have fun at various social events, and make a positive difference in our world. I envision a youth ministry is also a source of support for the parents.

And, so, we move forward with great hope. We move forward together in a spirit of family and collaboration, knowing that our God walks with us and desires for us to be collaborators with God.
Let us keep the efforts of our parish community in our prayers. We pray for Deacon Ramón and that the right Youth Minister will come.

This is indeed good news after a very difficult year and a half. Yet, here we are by God’s grace. As our parish family slowly returns to parish life and as we continue to grow, let us come together in prayer and appreciation for one another. Let us celebrate who we are as the parish family of St. Julia…and never forget to have fun along the way.

You are in my prayers and in my heart. Friar Julio

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