A Message To Our Fathers

Mothers received roses on Mothers’ Day, but what can the parish give to our fathers? We came up with a couple of ideas, but we arrived at them too late to get them for Fathers’ Day. So, we owe our fathers a little gift. Perhaps, you fathers are saying: “No, I don’t need anything.”

Well, I appreciate that, but it’s the thought that counts most and for that reason I’m going to give our fathers the best thing I can give. So, here it goes:

You, my dear fathers, you, are so important in the life of your families, in the life of your wife and children, and in the life of our parish family. You are important first of all because of who you are and secondly, because of the vocation that God has given you: the vocation of being a Father. Perhaps the Church has it wrong and it should be me that should be calling all of you “Father.” You deserve it because that is what you have been called to be. Your vocation of fatherhood is a sacred vocation to be lived in the fullest way.

Your vocation, as you know better than me, is not just about providing for the material and financial well-being of your families. It’s much more than that! Together with your wives, you are called to be a hero to your children, a model worthy of imitation, a mentor whose guidance are life-giving and trusted, an anchor in virtue, a light that shines from the principles that you practice, a source of tranquility and a fountain of love. I want you to know that I pray for all of you every day and I honor the wonderful vocation to fatherhood that God has called you to realize in your lives.

I pray that all of you Fathers will always stay close in communion with our Divine Father. For your vocation gives you also the honor of bringing God into the life of your family and home. Most of all, I think that God has graced you with the honor and blessing of drawing your family close to the God who lives in your heart. May you never hesitate to draw your family close to you and close to one another so that all of you may always enjoy and celebrate the God who lives in each of your hearts and in the heart of your homes.

On this Fathers’ Day, I pray God to make you happy, give you strength, and an undying love and dedication for those who God has put in the palms of your hands. We honor you “Fathers” with much reverence and love. May you feel, on this Fathers’ Day,” the love of your children.

God bless you.
You are in my prayers and in my heart.

Friar Julio

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