I Am So You Can Be Too

Today is Good Shepherd Sunday. Everyone loves Jesus as the good shepherd. Of course, we do. All we have to do is hang around a nice green field and eat all day and not worry about anything, even about getting lost. The good shepherd will ultimately find us and carry us back to safety where we can pick up with the feeding in green pastures where we left off. Nice! Not a care in the world for those lucky sheep.

Well, not so fast! Every baptized Christian who consciously decides to actively follow Jesus, is brought into the ministry of Jesus as an active agent and sharer in Jesus’ mission. In other words, the sheep have to work too! Surprised? What in heavens did you think “Follow Me” meant?
To kick back, munching all day long while Jesus does all the work? Sorry! That’s not how it works.

This is how it works: The Good shepherd sets the example. We, by God’s grace follow his example and become good shepherds to one another. Hand in hand with Jesus, we collaborate in Jesus’ ministry and we watch out for one another, always leading others to the Loving Voice we all recognize. That’s how it works! Blessings to all you good shepherds!

You are in my prayers and in my heart. Friar Julio

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