Communication, Updates and Wishes

Soon our parish web page will be launched and I believe that all of us will be pleasantly surprised with how wonderful it will be. We have a team working on it. It will also give the parish office to keep everyone on a daily basis of the various events of our parish family.

Please remember that our Pastoral Council has an email address that you can use to communicate with the Pastoral Council about any parish matter you would like to speak about. The Pastoral Council has a very important role in the life of our parish family. They help the pastor in addressing pastoral matters of the parish community. Never hesitate to communicate with the Pastoral Council. They serve the pastoral needs of our parish community and advise the pastor on many matters. Their advise and recommendations are taken very seriously by the pastor. Together with the Finance Council, the Pastoral Council and the pastor, form the core of parish leadership. You find their email address in the parish bulletin. It is:


Our Summer Bible Program is just wonderful. We had it this past week and there are some pictures of our children who participated. A big “Thank You” to Mrs. Palacios and the team of our dedicated parishioners who made this great opportunity happen for our children. You did a great job and we are grateful for your dedication and service to our parish family.

Please make sure that you register your children as soon as possible for the First Communion Program and for the Confirmation Program: “Purpose.” So far for this year we have about 140 children and youth registered for our sacrament preparation programs.

We still have not found a Youth Minister. We are offering a great and well-paid opportunity for those interested in applying for the position. Please consult the parish bulletin for more information. This position pays $20.00 an hour. If you know of anyone that would be interested in applying, please let them know. We are looking for someone creative who is capable to create dynamic youth programs for our middle school and high school youth.

#1 on our Wish List ☺☺☺☺

If you know of anyone who wants to donate ten million dollars to St. Julia please call the pastor at once. We desperately need a new education building and big…real big…real-real big multi-purpose parish hall that can also serve as a gym for our youth. If you do find a donor, please tell me slowly…very very slowly, so that 911 will not need to be called. Thank you.

You are in my prayers and in my heart.


Friar Julio

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