We March Forward Together to a Bright Future

This week we restart our regular Mass schedule. Everyone is invited to come to Mass every Sunday. The passes for Mass are no longer necessary and we will end the week A and week B schedule. We are also aware that our bishop continues to dispense us from our Sunday Mass obligation. I want to encourage everyone to continue to wear masks in church so we can safeguard a healthy environment.

As we continue to take care of ourselves, our families, and our parish community, we look forward with great hope. We are blessed in so many ways and you, my wonderful people, are the greatest blessing. You have taken care of your parish in extraordinary ways during the pandemic by way of your prayers, your generous contributions, your generous work and involvement, and your love for God and for one another. I thank God every day for giving me the blessing of each and every one of you.

Our collaboration with God brings us to look forward with great hope and to set our hands and hearts to meeting the needs of our community. As we continue to grow, I need help in my pastoral ministry. For this reason, I am happy to inform you that we will soon have the blessing of having a Deacon ministering with us. His name is Ramon De los Reyes Ferrer and he is bilingual. I am grateful to God and to the Diocese that our community will have this blessing and, with Deacon Ramon in the life of our community, we will be able to expand into new ministries and enhance our existing ones. I will introduce him and his wife soon to our community. I ask you to welcome him, his wife and family with the warmth that is typical of our parish family. Deacon Ramon and I, together with all parish leaders, will work together in a spirit of mutual respect and collaboration. It is my desire for Deacon Ramon to be an integral part of the pastoral and ministerial life of our community. I welcome and respect his presence and his ministry among us. I am most grateful that Deacon Ramon has accepted my invitation to become part of our family. I look forward to Deacon Ramon’s ministry and presence among us.

I also want to inform you that I am now directing our Finance Council and our Pastoral Council to join in a collaborative effort in organizing a Master Plan and a Capital Campaign for our parish with the goal of constructing a new education building as the first phase of this effort. We will first create a Feasibility Study. The Feasibility Study contains an element where everyone in the parish may offer their views, concerns and ideas.

The construction of the new parking lot remains as a priority and, since it must be incorporated into the Master Plan, it will be done during the Feasibility Study with the hope to have it completed by this Fall. At this time in our parish history, the need for a larger education building where all parish groups can also meet, is indeed a great need. Our parish community has grown, and we have outgrown the space that we have.

So, as we slowly and carefully embark in this new venture for our community, we realize that it is indeed an exciting time and one filled with great hope. Let us continue to pray for the world to slowly bring the
pandemic under control so that hope reigns again in every heart. We entrust all our efforts and dreams to God’s providence and wisdom. May everything we set out to do, be for the greater glory of God and for the benefit of our parish family.

My dearest sisters and brothers, the pandemic has caused us much grief, but we have also learned much. It has taught us that life is fragile and sacred. It has taught us that today and every day is a precious gift from God and that the people in our lives are also precious gifts whom we need to appreciate with all our hearts. It has taught us that we need each other and that to be a member of a community makes us stronger because of the companionship and the support that is shared.

We are stronger and more enlightened because of what we have all gone through. The pandemic has given us the opportunity to recognize what is really meaningful in life and has given us a greater appreciation for life. We are more aware of what we need to prioritize in life. May we never forget the lessons that we have learned. May we become more humane and caring for one another. May we become more aware of the importance of God in our lives and the blessings of living the Gospel of Jesus. May we be stronger in our faith and in our desire to be good. May we create a stronger community grounded in the love of God and one

Let us move forward hand in hand with a desire of building something beautiful for God. May God bless us on our journey together. Peace and Good.

You are in my prayers and in my heart.

Friar Julio

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